Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Postcard from Ireland no. 2

Another fantastic card received today from Ireland showing five Irish castles (e.g. Ross castle - in the middle, Kilkenny Castle - top left, Dublin Castle - bottom right...). The large stamp of 82 eurocent was issued on 8 July 2008 in a series dedicated to the recent Irish cinema and films produced there. The film "The Wind That Shakes the Barley", made by the British director Ken Loach in 2006, was awarded the Palme D'Or at that year's Cannes Film Festival, and no, I haven't seen it yet. The other films are "Garage", "Kings" and "Cré na Cille". Print-runs: 370,000 for 55c stamps, and 320,000 for the 82c ones.

Thank you, Stefania:-)

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Stefania said...

I'm sorry, because I didn't find all the castles name :(