Friday, 6 November 2009

New Czech stamps - November 2009

New stamps issued on 4 November 2009, the last set of stamps to be issued this year in the Czech Republic.

The 14 Kč stamp commemorates 17 November 1938 and 1989, important dates in the Czech modern history. 1939 - outburst of Nazi terror aimed against students (raids on campuses on 17/11/1939) and 1989, the beginning of the Velvet Revolution with a student demonstration commemorating the 50th anniversary of the 1939 events. Stamp printed in offset.


Engraved Christmas stamp, with the domestic tariff for postcards and light letters, gathering the typical Christmas symbols: a fir twig, mistletoe, and a cosy cottage in a snowy countryside.


In the series "Works of Art from the Czech Galleries" there is a 24 Kč large engraved stamp (by Miloš Ondráček) with a reproduction of painting "Canal Lock in Loret) by Alfred Sisley (1839-1899), and a 26 Kč stamp (engraved by Václav Fajt) reproducing painting "An Alley" by Czech painter Alfred Justitz (1879-1934), influenced by Cézanne and cubism. The miniature sheet with the 34 Kč stamp presents the monumental and most populat painting "Oldřich and Božena" by František Ženíšek (1849-1916), member of the generation of the Czech National Theatre and the National Museum. As usual, the stamp is engraved (Bedřich Housa), the rest of the sheet is printed in offset.

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