Friday, 4 December 2009

Cover from Austria no. 4

This Austrian cover is a real beauty! It was sent from the village of Christkindl in Upper Austria, whose post-office celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. Apart from the special Nativity postmark with the date 28 November 2009, the pictorial cover (in fact one side of a large folded picture) features another lovely postmark with the same date commemorating the 20th special delivery by a historic coach from the village of Garsten to Christkindl (if I understand correctly the German text), which was attended also by tenor Josef Oberauer. The stamp of 65 eurocent is this year's Austrian Advent stamp issued on 6 November 2003, another beauty in itself, showing the snowy Alpine landscape of the Ranui im Vilnösstal, Südtirol (northern Italy).

Thank you very much, Florian!!

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