Tuesday, 31 August 2010

New Czech stamps - May 2010 - II.

Here's a continuation of the presentation of new Czech stamps. Let's go back to May where I left off... before these two self adhesive stamps were issued on 26 May, both in booklets of six, as part of the new strategy of the Czech post to produce stamps in new, attractive, ease-to-handle formats. And I love these stamps! They show the famous works by Alfons Mucha, Czech painter and graphic designer, Gismonda - originally a poster for a Sarah Bernhard theatre production (E type = Europe rate), and the Zodiac (Z type - Zámoří = Overseas rate). Europe rate is now 17 Kč (20 Kč from 1 September 2001), Overseas rate is 18 Kč, and from tomorrow 1 September 2010 it goes up to 21 Kč.


Always on 26 May the Czech Post issued this 10 Kč stamp in the For Children series, showing an elf by Helena Zmatlíková (1923 - 2005), a leading Czech illustrator of children's books with a very distinctive style, known to everyone here also due to her television work.

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