Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Cover from Italy no. 10

Zvětšit mapu

Another surprise from the unrivalled Giovanni. The splendid Alfa Romeo Giulietta stamp (with a coupon from the "blocco mosaico") issued 20 March 2010 in the series "Made in Italy", commented earlier here. This time the stamp has been cancelled by a special postmark used in a mobile post-office at the Rho-Pero Fair (Province of Milano) on 26 June 2010. There is also a 5 eurocent self-adhesive definitive to cover the rest of the international postage, cancelled by a normal hand stamp.

Grazie mille, Giovanni!

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Colgi said...

Ciao Milan!!! Partita ieri raccomandata. Fammi sapere per cortesia quando arriva. Ciao!!!