Sunday, 9 January 2011

Cover from Russia no. 13

An absolute stunner received a couple of days ago from the city of Tyumen in Russia (Tyumen was the first Russian settlement in Siberia), with the total of 17 stamps...

The first 10.50 ruble self-adhesive stamp is the most recent of them, being issued on 1 December 2010 for the upcoming New Year, and shows a smiling Father Frost. The poodle on the 2-ruble stamp from 2000 has its friends from the same series below (chihuahua - 1 ruble - and toy terrier - 1.50 ruble), accompanied by a shar-pei from 2002 (2 ruble). Back on top we have two horses from a series devoted to native Russian breed (7 November 2007): Orlov trotter and Vladimir breed, followed by a sword and a shield from the collections of the Moscow Kremlin (2006). The paintings show portraits of artists V. L. Borovikovsky and I. I. Shishkin (both 2007). The stamp-on-stamp from 2008 commemorated the 150th anniversary of the first Russian postal stamp. And the stork and the European bison (zubr) were issued in 2007 with the WWF logo.

These two animals are accompanied by a fox a and three hares from the 5th issue of definitive stamps (2008).

Thank you very much, Maria, for this splendid surprise!!

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