Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Postcard from Pitcairn Islands

Here's a splendid greeting from Pitcairn Island, the only populated island of the four isles comprising the Pitcairn archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, a British Overseas Territory. The picture shows the local school and a set of shell stamps from 2001.

The NZD 1.80 stamp shows HMS Monmouth from a set of 6 stamps dedicated to the Royal Navy Vessels (2nd series, issued on 9 December 2010), ships that visited Pitcairn and contributed to improving the life of resident Pitcairners, e.g. providing medical services and judicial duties.

Thank you so much, Giovanni!!!

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Ana said...

wow!! Pitcairn Islands??? Im soooo jealous!! Well done Milan!! This is a true gem!