Saturday, 20 October 2012

Cover from Sri Lanka

A fantastic cover received recently from Piliyandala (susburb of Colombo) by Gayanth.

The black-and-white set of four classic cars (Morris Minor, Austin 12, Jaguar SS 100, Rolls Royce 20/25) was issued in 2011, also in a souvenir sheet:

The London Olympics stamps from this year were issued in a similar form, here's the 15 rupee value,

and the whole set:

The 20 rupee Aquarius stamp is part of a series of twelve zodiac signs from 2007:

and Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, was celebrated in 2011 as well (here in connection with Sri Lanka):

Thanks a lot, Gayanth! Also for the used stamps and the postcards!


Brenda said...

great stamps!! I was looking for the date of the Sri Lanka stamps and confirmed 2007 on your blog - thank you :D

Winnienie Winnie said...

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