Monday, 27 October 2008

Lovely postcard from Russia

I received one of my most beautiful postcards from the city of St. Petersburg on 26 August 2008 after 9 days of travel. It features the Palace Bridge between the two parts of which the Peter and Paul Fortress can be seen. There are some strong dramatics in the picture and a great colour composition.
Also the stamps are very nice. The 4 ruble stamp is not connected to a Soviet/Russian cartoon as I had thought, but was issued (on 5 August 2004) to warn children against traffic dangers (print-run 150,000).
The 12 ruble stamp was issued on 25 March 2008 as part of a souvenir sheet (print run 120,000) about archaelogical heritage and is embossed and varnished. It shows a bronze plate with the image of bulls.
Well, wow! Thank you K.

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Anette said...

Cute cartoon stamps :)