Thursday, 30 October 2008

Registered cover from Uruguay

An interesting registered cover from Uruguay, sent on 26 March 2008 from Montevideo, which went through Zurich-Mullingen in Switzerland (registered label on the back) and Prague post office no. 120 (registered label on the front).

The total value of stamps is 116 uruguayan pesos (1 EUR = 29.50 UYU), which makes approx. 4 EUR to pay for the delivery. Interestingly, the delivery of a letter of this size from the Czech Republic to Uruguay would cost me around 2.30 euro (57 Czech crowns).

As for the stamps, there is a small self-adhesive 100 UYU definitive featuring grey eagle (águila gris - Geranoaetus melanoleucus) issued in 2006, a great painting by Lithuanian-born Uruguayan painter José Gurvich (1927 - 1974) issued in 2007 and another self-adhesive stamp from the series "oficios" (trades) with a "manicero" (peanut seller) issued also in 2007. Thank you A. for this great letter with Uruguayan postcards.

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