Wednesday, 18 March 2009

New Czech stamps - March 2009

A trio of new Czech stamps, issued today, on 18 March 2009. The 10 CZK Easter stamp is the work of my favourite Czech illustrator and graphic artist Adolf Born. The stamp puts together the classic articles of the Central European Easter in the country - hares and decorated eggs - in a nice humorous combination. Print run: 8 million.


Two large engraved stamps in a series dedicated to the Oriental art from the collections of the National Gallery in Prague. The 18 CZK stamp (rate for sending a postcard or a letter up to 20 grams outside Europe) is connected to China and features the Immortal Lu Tung-Pin or Lǚ Dòngbīn (呂洞賓), revered by Taoists, depicted here as a Chinese mandarin with a miraculous blue sword. The 24 CZK stamp is connected to Bali, Indonesia, where this scene from the Sanscrit epic Ramayana was painted in the 1920s.

Print-run: 148,000 each.

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eva said...

hi milan, it's very nice to c ramayana stamp in czech but since that stamps isnt available in indonesia so i neve c it. btw how does it cost in dollar? thanx 4 ur info