Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Postcard from Lithuania no. 3

A nice view from the northwest of Lithuania. Šventoji is a popular resort town belonging to Palanga town and has a status of neighbourhood. It has approximately 2,000 inhabitants. In the northern part of the town, between the seaside dunes, wooden ritual poles can be seen, forming a pagan Lithuanian temple and paleoastronomic observatory, re-established in 1998. "The poles created by folk artists represent ancient gods of the Balts such as Perkūnas, Aušrinė, Žemyna, Austėja, Patrimpas, Patulas, Velinas, Leda as well as the Sun and the Moon."

The icy 2.45 lt Christmas stamp was issued on 8 November 2008 in 350,000 copies. The card was on 25/2/2009 and arrived on 2/3/2009. Thank you, Egli!

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