Sunday, 11 October 2009

Cover from Norway no. 2

Another fine cover from Norway and the town of Borgheim, sent on 25 May 2009 and received a few days later. The righthand stamp is a dream come true for collectors of stamps related to towns and cities. The Porsgrunn stamp has it all: the coat of arms and representative images from the city's history; in this case: the barge "Dionne" pointing to Porsgrunn's shipbuilding tradition, the Custom House which played important role in the city's birth and perfume bottle commemorating the local china factory. The stamp was issued on 27 April 2007 with a print-run of 1 million pieces.

The bluish A Innland stamp (same as the Porsgrunn stamp, i.e. A-priority domestic rate of 7 NOK) was issued on 12 April 2008 in the series Important Anniversaries and is dedicated to poet and playwright Henrik Wergeland (1808-45), prominent figure in the Norwegian letters and culture. The postage is complemented by a 2 NOK definitive. Thank you, Renate!

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