Tuesday, 20 October 2009

New Czech stamps - October 2009

A set of four new engraved stamps with reasonable values issued on 14 October 2009. The first stamp commemorates the 175th anniversary of the first production of the Czech National Anthem "Where Is My Home?" in 1834 (by composer František Škroup and playwright Josef Kajetán Tyl). The stamp features the symbols of the Czech statehood: the Czech lion and a lime twig.


In a series dedicated to historic stoves there are two new stamps covering the Empire period (approx. 1810, from Castle Litomyšl - Czech UNESCO World Heritage site), and the more sober Biedermeier period (approx. 1835, from Castle Vyškov).


The 18 Kč stamp (overseas rate up to 20 grams for postcards and letters) is dedicated to Barbora Markéta Eliášová (1874 - 1957), first Czech woman traveller to go around the world, with a huge interest in Japan. In the stamp she is depicted with the Fujiyama and in kimono.

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