Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Cover from Russia no. 10

Another great cover from Alex (Astrakhan)! A complete series of three stamps dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Russian Research of Antarctica, issued on 26 January 2006, with a map of Antartica and showing the Obj Diesel-electric Ship, the Il-76TD transport aircraft and the research expedition ship “The Academician Feodorov", and the scientific investigations, the under the ice research, the sledge transport train. The letter was sent on 15 January 2010. Thank you, Alex!

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Colgi said...

Ciao Milan! Sono contento che sei tornato!!!! Ieri ti ho spedito due riviste. Fammi poi sapere come e quando arrivano. Complimenti per questa busta! E' bellissima!.
Ciao da Giovanni