Monday, 26 April 2010

New Czech stamps - March 2010

There were three new stamps issued in March, two of them planned, one added unexpectedly, more or less.

The 10 Kč engraved "Easter" stamp, issued on 10/3, shows the typical Czech *pagan* celebration of spring (not to do much with the Christian festivities). The boys carry a huge willow (osier) rod with which they beat young girls and get ribbons and coloured eggs to put in their basket... Print-run: 7,750,000.


Date of issue: 10 March 2010, print-run: 73,000, an engraved stamp in an offset-printed sheet dedicated to the prominent Czech romantic poet Karel Hynek Mácha (1810 - 1836), author of May. Born in Prague, Mácha loved to roam the castles and ruins in northern Bohemia... nowadays called "The Mácha Country".


Here is the relatively unexpected addition to the issue plan, a 10 Kč stamp celebrating the two gold medals and one bronze won by Martina Sáblíková at the Vancouver Olympics. The really interesting thing is that the speedskater is nowhere to be seen:-) It has been a policy of the Czech Post not to show living personages on stamps, which, however, will change soon, due to a small "revolution" in the Czech stamp production about to take place in the coming months, there was even a feature about it in today's newspapers, more info soon.

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