Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Postcard from Serbia no. 4

Zvětšit mapu

Here is a pretty postcard sent from Novi Sad, showing the 14th century Serbian Orthodox Poganovo monastery, located at the gorges of river Jerma, near the village Poganovo, Dimitrovgrad, in southeastern Serbia near the Bulgarian border.

The first stamp from the left was issued on 31 March 2009 and is dedicated to the 25th Summer Universiade which was held in Belgrade on 1 - 12 July 2009. The middle stamp commemorates another important event - the 125th anniversary of Serbian railways, and features the first steam locomotive used there and the building of the station in Belgrade. The stamp was issued on 8 September 2009. The rest of the postage is made up by a definite (2006) presenting the 13-century monastery in Žiča in central Serbia.

Thank you, Judit!

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