Thursday, 13 May 2010

New Czech stamps - May 2010

There are two new stamps issued on 5 May 2010. The first shows the typical view of the Prague Castle and the Charles Bridge in a fine engraving by Miloš Ondráček. The sheet of four stamps and a margin with a text in Czech and English was issued on the occasion of a representative exhibition presenting more than 90 years of the Czech stamp production held at the Prague Castle from 12 May to 1 August 2010. Print-run unknown.


The Czech contribution to the EUROPA project, an illustration from a book by Karel Čapek (1890 - 1938) called Dášeňka, or the Life a Puppy, about the adventures of a wire fox terrier from its youth to adulthood. The stamp is printed in offset and issued in a sheet of six, with one hologram logo of the Czech Post. Print-run: 210,000.

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