Sunday, 2 May 2010

Postcard from Belarus

Zvětšit mapu

A great postcard received from Belarus, postmarked in Grodno, showing an aerial view of the historic town of Volkovysk (Vaŭkavysk) in western Belarus, pop. 48,000.

The matching stamp, issued on 2 September 2005 in 72,000 copies, commemorated the 1000th anniversary of its founding, since the first mention of Volkovysk in the Turov Annals is in 1005. At that time Volkovysk was city-fortress on the border of the Baltic and the Slavic ethnic groups. The wolf in the coat of arms reflects the name of the town in Russian "Volko-vysk", the place where wolves howl.

The two smaller definitives are from 2008. Thank you, Helena!


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