Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Postcard from Chropyne, Czech Republic

Zvětšit mapu

A postcard I sent home from a trip with our daughter to a nearby town of Chropyne (5,200 inhabitants, 10 km from Kromeriz) famous for its hunting chateau and a protected pond with the largest colony of black-headed gulls in the Czech Republic (the noise was awesome!).
The coat of arms of the town features an otter holding a fish, another reminder of the watery, swampy, flatland character of our region.
The stamp I used is the most common definitive available (together with a 10 Kč rose) with the portrait of the Czech president Václav Klaus (known for his unenthusiastic approach to the EU). The stamp was issued on 2 April 2008. Interestingly, even if I dropped the card to a post-box in Chropyne, it was machine cancelled here in Kroměříž, and what is even more interesting, mail dropped in the post boxes in Kroměříž receives machine cancellation in Olomouc, 40 km away. Crazy! I try to avoid post boxes whenever possible, especially if the cancellation is so unappetizing, uninspired, almost aggresive...

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