Thursday, 24 May 2012

Czech cover no. 7

This is a cover of a small registered packet sent in November 2011 from Brno 12 Post Office to Kromeriz. The delivery cost 64 CZK (approx. EUR 2.5) for a 660 gram shoebox. The first stamp on the right shows Alois Musil, Czech traveller, from a series of stamps dedicated to explorers, the 3 CZK stamps is a Christmas stamp from 1995, the 10 CZK is a Baroque stove from 2008 (located in Castle Sternberk), and on the left there's a quartet of Christmas stamps issued in 2007 with a painting by Josef Lada.


city said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing..

Giovanni Colombo said...

Ben tornato Milan!!!!! e grazie per la busta con canale Bat'a. Certo che i Vostri francobolli sono veramente dei capolavori!!!!!