Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Postcard from Spain no. 5

We spent the last few weeks on holidays in Spain (Catalonia) and France (Department of Herault), and here is a postcard we sent home showing the city of Girona. Even though it was a very hot day (for me quite unexpected for September) the city amazed me, it is a pure medieval jewel. The card shows the historic centre and the River Onyar.
Here are the stamps I used: a EUR 0.34 trompeta from 2010 and a 0.36 "Civic values" from 2012, together making the actual rate for Europe of 0.70 EUR. The card was posted in the town of L'Estartit.
These "Civic values" stamps issued on 9 January 2010 can be currently found in most Spanish tabac stands that I visited (the other stamp on offer is the 0.70 EUR "Turismo" from 2012).

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