Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Cover from Croatia no. 3

Another fine cover from Tomislav, sent on 27 January 2009 from the town of Nedelišce and received 3 days later on 30 January. This time there is an impressive selection of four ships, selected from a 9-piece series dedicated to the craft connected with the Croatian coast or history, issued by the Croatian post on 27 August 1998. The 1.20 kuna stamp shows the oldest ship of all, the serilia liburnica; the 1.50 kuna stamp takes us to the 11-12th centuries when condura croatica was in use; the 1.60 kuna stamp features a Ragusan argosy from the 16th century, and the 7.20 kuna ship called Amorella is wholly modern and represents the production of shipyards in Split.

Thank you, Tommy!

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