Friday, 13 February 2009

Pre-stamped postcard from Croatia

A great "dopisnica" (postal card) sent by Dragan from the city of Rijeka on 26 February 2009. The card has a printed stamp with La Futuro monument commemorating (as the whole card) the 100th anniversary of esperanto in Croatia. The card cost 1.80 kuna, was issued on 7 November 2008, and for mailing to the Czech Republic a 2.30 kuna stamp was used to cover the rest of the postage. The stamp shows the heart of the town of Makarska, the tourist centre of the Makarska Riviera on the coast, and was issued in 4,000,000 copies on 30 March 2001. I find this card very interesting, as I myself came in contact with esperanto some years ago.

Thank you, Dragan!

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