Saturday, 2 May 2009

Cover from Slovakia no. 2

A very fine cover received on 20 April 2009 from Miloš, thank you! The complete series of the three engraved flower stamps was issued on 28 February 1995 during the Year of the Protection of the European Nature and features Ciminalis Clusii (2 SVK, print-run 3,46 million), Pulsatilla slavica (3 SVK, print-run 3,475 million) and Onosma tornense (8 SVK, print-run 2,26 million). The 18 SVK stamp, issued on 5 May 2006, bears the EUROPA logo, and is the Slovakia contribution to the theme Integration (immigrants as seen by young people, print-run 500,000). The stamp is printed in offset and is slightly embossed.

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