Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Cover from Argentina no. 4

Zvětšit mapu

A lovely cover received at the end of September 2010 from Agustín in Playa Unión, in Argentina's state of Chubut, a really exotic place from the Central European point of view:)

The round tennis ball stamp - which even has the texture of a tennis ball!!! - issued on 26 September 2009, is taken from a sheet celebrating the superior skills of tennis player Guillermo Vilas, as part of a series of souvenir sheets called Argentine's Sport Idols II. (The other stamps in this issue were dedicated to Juan Curuchet, Luciana Aymar and Delfo Cabrera). The two 1 peso stamps show the facade of Palacio Duhau in Buenos Aires, one of 8 historic protected buildings in Argentina shown on a series of stamps issued on 12 December 2009.

And then there is the typical large Argentinian postmark which always fascinates me with the amount of information put in it.

Muchísimas gracias, Agustín, also for the fantastic penguin postcard!

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