Thursday, 18 November 2010

A set from Italy no. 12

Here is a fine set of two envelopes and a slightly rained-soaked:) promotional postal card featuring this year's EUROPA stamps issued in Italy on 7 May 2010. Italy, as usual, issued two stamps, and for the topic of children's books chose the famous Pinocchio and the talking mouse Geronimo Stilton, introduced in 2000 and celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Therefore, Geronimo Stilton had also a special postmark used on 10 October in Milano, where Giovanni lives.

On the large registered cover sent in May from Milano, there is also a lovely 0.80 euro stamp with a space motif, showing a satellite around Mars, celebrating Italy's participation in the Mars exploration programme.

Grazie mille, Giovanni, per tutto quanto!!

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