Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Cover from Jamaica no. 3

A registered cover from Jamaica received in July 2010, which in fact is the top side of a packet in which I received a nice Jamaican rum shot glass. The Jamaican registered sticker is accompanied by a Czech one used at Praha 120 Post Office, and a postmark saying BEZ CLA which means DUTY-FREE. The stamp that really draws the attention is the fantastic Bob Marley souvenir sheet issued on 31 July 1995 with a then pretty high nominal value of 100 Jamaican dollars. There were five more stamp issued in 1995, all of them commemorating the 50th anniversary of Bob Marley's birth. The two 40 dollar stamps were issued on 1 December 2002 and commemorate the 100th anniversary of PAHO (Pan American health Organisation). It is evident that there was one more stamp, but was torn off during the journey, but even without it this is a very nice artifact.

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