Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Cover from French Polynesia no. 2

Hello! I am back after, oh, two months! I was pretty busy (no weekends, no free evenings) translating Kraken, another great and truly mind-bending fantasy/horror book by English novelist China Miéville. I submitted the manuscript a couple of days ago, and now I am getting back to my old ways (hopefully:)

I have a huge pile of splendid envelopes and postcards waiting to be appreciated and admired... the first randomly chosen treasure being this exotic cover from French Polynesia, sent from Pirae, Ile de Tahiti, on 6 September 2010, with a 65F stamp from a 2008 series dedicated to marine life (shark), and two large colourful 100F stamps by Polynesian artists (Teurarea and T. Chan), issued also in 2008 as part of a paintings series. In the envelope I received some stunning postcards showing the beauties of French Polynesia, among them the islands of Mehetia and Rangiroa. Thank you, Magali!

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