Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Postcard from Přerov, Czech Republic

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Here is a view of the centre of the town of Přerov, where I grew up:) - the main (Masaryk) Square and the Municipal House, which is a cultural venue for concerts, also with a very stylish (black, plush, and magic) night club (the entry is right behind the bus). The A stamp (local rate of 10 Kč) was issued on 29 September 2010, and in my opinion is one of the best of this year issued here. It features a painted sign of the Austro-Hungarian Post (1870s), a historic map and six postal goblins busy about their important work in postmarking and delivering letters.

The card was dropped on Saturday into a post box, so on Monday it received the automatic cancellation which is truly awful (I expected otherwise, but no, everything found in post boxes these days goes to the machines).


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