Friday, 10 December 2010

Registered cover from the Czech Republic no. 7

A registered cover received yesterday from the town of Varnsdorf on the Czech-German border in Ustecky kraj (the name does sound German), with three 10 Kč stamps (two self-adhesive Fifinkas - name of the cartoon character - and a rose definitive), with the rest of the postage marked on the R-label (called APOST). Actually, there are two R-labels here, which is a new trend, one classic yellow label stating the postage paid, and a new barcode label, without postage and with the same number. The barcode sticker has been used since 1 September 2010 at all post-offices. The yellow APOSTs will be now used only when the postage is paid in cash. Both are nice collectible material (there are 3377 post offices in the CR:)

The price for sending domestic registered mail weighing 50 - 100 grams is now 34 Czech crowns (i.e. approximately 1.36 euro).

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Colgi said...

Bellissima busta!!!