Friday, 17 December 2010

Santa Claus cover from Finland

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Received today from Santa Claus Main Post Office in Napapiiri, Arctic Circle, Finland:)

A really beautiful large cover with two seasonal stamps. The Santa Claus 0.55 euro stamp is part of the Finland's Christmas issue (together with Santa's deer), the 1 class landscape stamp is independent, even if issued on the same day (5 November 2010), and offers a view of the magical Lapland countryside complete with Santa Claus and his sledge.

This lovely envelope is a surprise, but there is a slight indication of whom if might have come from, so thank you very much, G.:)

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Colgi said...

E' la letterina di Natale per i tuoi bambini. :-) A Te ed ala Tua Famiglia auguro uno splendido Natale ed un FAVOLOSO 2011.