Sunday, 14 December 2008

Cover from Estonia

On 15 September 2008 I received this nice airmail cover sent on 11 September 2008 from the town of Johvi in the northeast of Estonia. The five stamps range from 1993 to 2007 and show a great selection of what this small nation has to offer. The 1 EEK stamp from 1993 is dedicated to Lydia Koidula, a poetess of the national movement period in the 19th century (issued on 14 December 1993, with a print-run of 485,900), the 4.40 EEK stamp (issued on 4 April 2001, in 503,760 pieces) shows a northern lapwing, the bird of the year selected by the Estonian Ornithological Society, and the last commemorative stamps of 3.60 EEK (issued on 29 March 1999) shows the then Estonian president Lennart Meri, also a celebrated author and film-maker. The stamp goes with a tab featuring the Estonian coat-of-arms and the text "The President of the Republic of Estonia" in four languages.

The two small self-adhesive stamps are newer; the 0.30 EEK daisy was issued on 17 January 2007 with a print-run of 1,730,000, and the 0.30 EEK dandelion is from 14 September 2004 and was issued in one million pieces.

Thank you, Kristiina:-)

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