Monday, 22 December 2008

Cover from Portugal

On 20 November 2008 I received this nice cover with a mixture of two stamp-issuing territories: Portugal and Madeira. I already spoke about the Madeira stamp from 2007 in an earlier post. So the other bird stamp here is Portuguese, 1 eurocent of value, depicting a peto-verde (Picus viridis), issued in 2003 in a series of nice definitives. The 5 eurocent stamp on the right shows the "Aqueduto dos Pegoes" in Tomar, and was issued on 7 June 2005 in a series dedicated to the monuments of the period of the personal union of Portugal and Spain, the so-called "perĂ­odo filipino" (1580-1640), when three Habsburg kings named Philip ruled the two countries.

The stamps were hand-cancelled at CTC Lisboa on 18/11/2008.

Thank you Paula:-)

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