Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Cover from Serbia

Last week I received my first cover from Serbia, sent on 26 November 2008 from the city of Novi Sad, northwest of Belgade. Four stamps were used on it, all of them definitives, all of them pretty. The three identical stamps from 2007 show a tranquil view of the River Morava. Interestingly, another River Morava flows also through my town here in the Czech Republic, and is the major watercourse of the whole region called... Morava (or Moravia in English). Well, I didn't know about its Serbian cousin:-) The other stamp shows the Serbian coat-of-arms with a two-headed eagle (our Moravian eagle has only one head, but likewise has a crown...) issued in 2006 in the amount of 500,000 copies with possible additions based on demand.

The automatic cancellation has a text in Serbian and English, but is not very legible. Thank you C. for this letter.

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