Thursday, 18 December 2008

Postcard from India

Yesterday, on 16 December 2008, I received this nice postcard of the famous Red Fort, located in the walled city of Delhi, India. It was constructed by the Emperor Shah Jahan in 1638 A.D., the art work in the fort being a synthesis of Persian, European and Indian art.

The two stamps used on the card are part of a series of attractive definitives issued on 30 April 2000 as the VIII Definitive Series of the Indian post. The Rs.10 depicts the tiger in the Sundarbans Biosphere Reserve, and the Rs.5 stamp a leopard cat, "a member of the cat family of the same size of the domestic cat, but having the colour and markings of a miniature panther"; the other stamps in the series being Black Buck (25p), Nilgiri Tahr (50p), Sarus Crane (Re.1/-), Kurinji Flower (Rs.2/-, Smooth Indian Otter (Rs.3/-), Tawny Coaster Butterfly (Rs.15/-) Amaltaas (Rs.20/-) and Pardise Fly Catcher (Rs.50/-).

Thank you A.!

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