Wednesday, 7 January 2009

6-stamp cover from Russia!

Oh yes, this is what I like:-) An envelope full of various commemorative stamps with lots of history about them. I received this one on 11 December 2008. It was mailed from the city of Astrakhan in the delta of Volga in southwest Russia, on 29 November.

The small 0.50 ruble defintive bears the date 1998. The 5 ruble Plekhanov Russian Economical Academy stamp was issued on 9 February 2007 (in 720,000 copies). The 2 and 5 ruble black-and-white stamps commemorated (on 5 April 2005) the end of the WW2. They show the documentary war photographs: "Victory in Berlin" (2 ruble) and "Soldiers Throwing Captured Banners before the Kremlin Wall" (both print-run 200,000). The blue stamp with the Suyumbike Tower - the Kazan Kremlin - is dedicated to the city of Kazan in the Republic of Tatarstan and its 1000 years of existence; it was issued on 10 March 2005 in 200,000 copies. The red stamp from 2006 (issued on 6 March in 230,000 copies) shows the throne of Ivan the Terrible, the Tsar of Russia (1530-1584), from the collections of the Moscow Kremlin Museum.

Thank you, Alex, for this one; it has plenty of history and things to find out about Russia.

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