Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Registered cover from the Czech Republic no. 2

Received on 5 January 2009, a registered letter posted in Líbeznice near Prague featuring a big miniature sheet issued on 12 September 2008 in commemoration of the Praga 2008 World Stamp Exhibition, in a joint issue with Austria (and its Wipa 2008), print-run: 200,000.

The theme is common for the two countries as it shows a carriage of the express mail operating between the cities of Brno (South Moravia) and Vienna in 1750. The image comes from the collections of the Postal Museum in Prague. There is also a small definitive from the zodiac series: virgo - 2 CZK, the total thus reaching 37 CZK, which is the current rate for domestic registered letters exceeding 100 grams.

As is typical for these miniature sheets, the stamp in the centre is engraved, and the rest of the picture is printed in offset

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