Saturday, 31 January 2009

Postcard from Zlín, Czech Republic

Postcard of the city of Zlín, the seat of the region where I live, called Zlínský kraj (there are 13 regions in the CR + the capital of Prague). The front of the card shows the towerhall and the main square plus the coat of arms of the region (top), the coat of arms of the city (bottom) and coats of arms of all the remaining towns in the region. In my opinion, for us coat-of-arms lovers, this is the best line of postcards published in the Czech Republic nowadays (the publisher's catalogue with the production covering almost the whole of the CR can be found: here. Luckily, they can be bought almost everywhere. It would be nice to collect them all, sent from the place they show...

Zlín is known here as "Bata City", because the world-famous shoe company was founded here, and now the main avenue bears the founder's name (Tomas Bata Avenue), as well as the local university.

The single 10 CZK stamp was issued on 19 December 2007 (print-run 700,000) on the occasion of our country's entering the Schengen Area, the zone of free movement of people within the European Union. Evropou volnou cestou means something like "freely within Europe". Since the postcard was dropped into a letter box on a Sunday, it was cancelled a day later by an automat using those ugly black waves.

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