Tuesday, 20 January 2009

International Polar Year stamps from Russia

On 13 January 2009 I received another great letter from Astrakhan in Russia (sent on 6/1/09). This time the cover features a sheet with the last year's Russian International Polar Year stamps (issued on 28 August 2008, in 200,000 copies). The stamps, apart from the photos of ships, together make up a map of the North Way - a connection of the east and west of Russia by the sea (navigable only during summer).

The small fox definitive of 1 ruble was issued one day later (29 August 2008) along with 14 other stamps as part of the fifth issue of definitive stamps of the Russian Federation. The other definitive with the logo of the Federal Postal Service of the Russian Federation is from 1998 and part of the third issue of standard postage stamps of the Russian Federation (1/1/1998).

Alex, thank you again!

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