Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Postcard from Belgium

A postcard received on 27 January 2009 from Antwerpen (sent on 22/1/2009), just beautiful on both sides. The front shows the castle at Durbuy, province of Luxembourg, in the Belgian Ardennes. Durbuy claims to be the world's smallest town (population 10,500).

The two 46 eurocent stamps are taken from a miniature sheet called This Is Belgium, issued on 19 November 2006. And if this really is Belgium, it must be great:-) The first stamp shows a tomato stuffed with small shrimps, the other one the trappist beer from Orval (which I proved and is delicious).

Thank you Gerda for this excellent publicity of your country!


Gone with postcrads said...

Glad to find another blog on postcards and covers. It's great!

dager said...

Hi Milan, its feels great to see my card and stamps here! And yes... we do have delicious food and beer. Groetjes, Gerda