Friday, 9 January 2009

Postcard from Saudi Arabia

One of the bunch of letters and postcards received at the turn of the year was also this interesting card with the picture of an antique shop seller, sent from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, from the city of Khobar on the Persian Gulf. Since I cannot read Arabic I cannot decipher the date on which it was sent.

The trio of definitives of 100 halala shows the famous Kaaba in Mecca. From what I was able to find the stamp was issued in 1990. Thank you Ganesh!


Ganeshphilately said...

Nice to see my postcard on your blog,

montenegro said...

zdravím kolegu z čiech. potrebval by som pomoc. chcem nejaké známky z Portugalska a potreboval by som nejaku serioznu adresu odtial.ked chces niečo z SK možeš mi odpisat.