Friday, 14 November 2008

Five-stamp cover from Bulgaria

On Wednesday 12 November 2008 I received this great letter from Sofia, Bulgaria (sent on 7/11/2008). It features the total of 5 stamps from 3 various series.

The airplanes were issued on 27 April 2007 in a series dedicated to the history of Bulgarian air forces (0.10 leva - DAR 3 - Garvan, 0.35 leva - DAR 9 - Siniger), print run 20,000 each.

The flowers (0.10 leva - Saponaria stranjensis and 0.35 leva - Trachystemon orientalis) are part of the Plants of Strandja Mountains (southeastern Bulgaria) series issued on 28 July 2006 in 2 tete-beche blocks of 4 stamps in one sheet, with print-run of 12,500 sheets.

The kingfisher (Alcedo atthis) with the value of 0.10 leva, with the eagle Aquila chrysaetos on the border, is part of the protected Birds series issued on 11 September 2007 in the amount of 20,000 pieces.

Well, an exemplary presentation of one's country:-) Thank you L. for this letter.


Kevin said...

Hi Milan,

I am from Hong Kong and I would like to exchange stamp covers with you.

Please contact me at the given gmail address.


Milan said...

Hi Kevin, your email is not visible or accessible. Milan

Anette said...

I do not care about stamps that much (sometimes I wish I did) but these ones, especially the birds, were really beautiful.