Friday, 7 November 2008

Letter from the Gambia

Back in 1995, in my pen-pal heyday, I received this small envelope from Serrekunda, the Gambia in western Africa. I am not sure now how long the letter travelled, the postmark is not legible either. But it arrived and now represents this small nation in my collection.

The Gambia is one of those countries with massive stamp production covering every conceivable theme from Marylin Monroe, dinosaurs, space exploration, Elvis Presley and Rubens, which often ends up as CTOs. I am not a friend of those "stamps" and try to avoid them and not include them in my collections.

However, this Rubens - issued along with many others for Christmas 1989 - is genuine and travelled the world as it should have. I am not sure about the date of issue of the other stamp depicting the paintbrush plant, my guess is around 1992.

My thanks go to H.

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