Saturday, 22 November 2008

Postcard from China

On 24 April 2008 I received this nice postcard from China (I can't read the postmark, but I presume it was posted in Beijing), sent 10 days earlier. It shows the Lingyan Mountain Villa at the foot of the Lingyan Hill.

The three great stamps are part of two series. The fish stamp (Chinese sturgeon - Acipenser sinensis) was issued on 25 February 2000 in a wildlife souvenir sheet; the two paintings (issued on 14 March 1997) are by Pan Tianshou (1897 - 1971), Chinese calligrapher and painter. The left stamp is called "Sleeping Cats" and the right one "A Corner of Lingyan Brook", and may be associated with the Lingyan in the postcard.

There are two postmarks on the stamps: a red machine one and a black hand-cancellation.

Thank you A.!

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