Saturday, 15 November 2008

Retro cover from Italy

Oh no, this letter is not from the 1970s, but sent and received in November 2008, or more specifially sent on 4/11/2008 from Belluno (Veneto) and received here in the Czech Republic on 13/11/2008.

The two EUROPA stamps from 1970 (L. 50 and L. 90) represent the sun composed of 24 interwoven fibres - 1 for each 1970 CEPT member. The large lion stamps (L. 50) was part of a series dedicated to saving the city of Venice (salviamo Venezia, 1973), and the letter stamp (stamp-in-a-stamp motif) from 1968 reminded people of the use of the postal codes (the stamp is repeated as the cancelled stamp on the letter).

I hope the postal workers were not confused by the Czech name of my country on the envelope;-)

Thank you very much, L.!

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