Thursday, 20 November 2008

Letter from Denmark

I love surprises and like the feeling of discovering what the postwoman brought me in the great lottery of unexpected mail. Today (20 November 2008) I found in the mail-box this letter from Denmark (stamped 18/11/2008 - superfast Scandinavian delivery). Leaving aside the Christmas postal labels, I became mesmerised by this weird photo by Krass Clement on a stamp issued on 27 August 2008, in a Danish photo-art series. I didn't know this Danish photographer, but this picture of his is a winner for me. As the Photography Encyclopedia says, "his work is close to the street and the decisive moment, melancholic, voyeuristic, nocturnal, and confrontational." I find echoes of the German expressionism there, Kafka and David Lynch, things which resonate in me. And then there is the person opening the door...

Thank you Ch.!

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